Target Market

Whether a more complex and grand game masterpiece requiring heavy time, financial, and resource investment or a simple-to-learn app, all are encouraged to play their own role by participating and contributing to the expanding Web3 ecosystem.

For beginners interested in dipping their toes into GameFi without needing to invest their own assets, there are preliminary activities such as acquiring a Pink Umi NFT, which after a certain amount of gameplay and progress, can actually the game's rich P2E potential.

For those looking for a fast track to earning, there are options to purchase an Umi NFT or even trade for one among other collectors and gamers.

In summary, the reach of Umi's Friends extends to all corners of the globe, all ages, and all levels of experience in both blockchain and matching games in general. This open accessibility and low threshold to entry serve to attract even more newcomers into not only the game but the entire Web3 space as a whole.

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