Umi (NFTs)

Umi is the core character in the game and an NFT that can be minted, synthesized, collected, and traded. He is a little alien robot fond of people, nature, clothes, and scenery. His heart is full of love - his primary hope is for everyone to be friendly and happy. Each account address can collect up to five different images of Umi, and their collections, levels, points, game items, and other attributes are all calculated separately. Hold Umi to play most of the game content and get rewards.

  • Umi holders can:

    1. Play any game mode or complete the Daily Quest

    2. Qualify for referral rewards

    3. Enhance Gift Exchange levels among those bound in a Friendship

  • Game Levels

    • 40 levels in total

    • Higher levels have richer rewards in the Daily Quest Chest

    • IMG Tokens are rewarded in the Daily Quest Chest for levels 1-39

    • At level 40 (top level), players can receive UNT Tokens in the Daily Quest Chest

    • Two level 40 Umi can synthesize a new Umi

    • Upgrading requires gas, IMG Tokens, UNT tokens, and/or Upgrade Material

    • Upgrading requires a cooldown period

  • Gas Level

    • Can be considered as 'durability'

    • Gas is restored by purchasing Compressed Gas

    • Maximum gas levels differ based on rarity (see below):

      • White - 100 points

      • Blue - 120 points

      • Purple - 140 points

      • Orange - 150 points

    • Gas Consumption

      • Every time you open the Daily Quest Chest, the gas level will fall by 2 points

      • Every time you play a game level, the gas value will fall by 1 point

      • Playing Ladder Mode or Advanced Modes does not consume gas

  • Attributes

    • When minting Umi, a certain attribute value will be randomly assigned to it

    • At levels 10/20/30/40, a slot will be opened; inserting the corresponding attribute chip into the slot can greatly improve the attribute

    • Attribute points are increased as follows:

      • Level 1-9 - no point increases

      • Level 10-20 - 1 point per level increase

      • Level 20-30 - 2 points per level increase

      • Level 30-40 - 3 points per level increase

    • The Four Attributes:

      • Faith - increases IMG rewards in Daily Quest Chest

      • Patience - increases the gas level upper limit

      • Hope - increases the probability of receiving a complete game item in the Daily Quest Chest

      • Love - increases UNT rewards in Daily Quest Chest

  • Rarity

    • Randomly assigned during minting

    • The rarity of a synthesized NFT is determined by the rarity of the two parent NFTs

    • The higher the rarity level, the higher the attribute bonus

    • Rarity Levels

      1. Free - pink (freemint)

      2. Rare - white

      3. Epic - blue

      4. Legendary - purple

      5. Mythic - orange

  • Minting and Synthesizing

    • 3-5 synthesis opportunities per NFT

    • Two level 40 Umi can synthesize a new Umi while consuming one synthesis opportunity

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