White Paper

Team System

  • Quota and Application
    • Apply on the 'Teams' page of the website
    • Can also apply via the email address on the website
    • There is a quota of 500 teams
      • There is a pre-event threshold of 300 registered places
      • The Umi’s Friends team reserves 200 places and opens up applications for those places
    • Necessary Requirements
      • An active member of an independent community
      • Past experience with Web3 games
      • Hold an Umi NFT
      • 20+ addresses signed on the website
      • Signature addresses have each pledged a certain amount of USDT
    • Bonus Requirements
      • Holds an Umi Friend Badge
      • Furnish an address and photos of a relevant offline event
      • Social Media account(s) with a certain number of followers and a certain minimum duration amount
  • Combat Strength
    • A score that evaluates a team's ability
    • Dependent on a variety of factors
      • Member activity levels
      • Ladder Mode participation
      • Quantifiable platform contributions
    • Calculation Factors
      • Weighted average of team members' Ladder Points
      • The activity levels of the SBT address
      • The number of level 40 Umi
    • Factored in the seasonal allocation of teams
  • Team Benefits
    • Parallel Universe contents proportionally as follows:
    • Inter-team allocations factor in each players Combat Contribution Value, which is calculated as follows:
    • Team captains
      • Enjoy certain bonuses
      • Hold UNT to participate in the subsequent governance of the game