SBT (Soulbound Tokens)

  • Soulbound tokens are non-transferable NFTs that can help represent a person's identity, activity and achievements

  • Soulbound token addresses in Umi’s Friends will be shared with other games in the UGP ecosystem later

  • Umi NFTs will centrally record behaviors and achievements at first. Once Ethereum’s protocol specification for soulbound tokens is released, this information will be permanently recorded on the chain, helping Umi’s Friends create a robust and vibrant ecosystem.

  • Actions and achievements associated with soul binding in Umi’s Friends:

    • Friend Badge

    • Championship Achievements

      • Ladder Points

      • Team Combat Contribution Points

      • Advanced Mode (Time Battle and Championship) Achievements

    • Friendship

    • Team Achievements

    • Umi Growth Achievement Umi

    • Activity

    • More

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