During an almost forgotten time long, long ago, on a small planet many light-years away, a near-utopian civilization existed.

During this ever so vibrant era, glimmers of magnificence were present everywhere. Beautiful flowers adorned every reach of the land, and the cutest little animals could be found frolicking everywhere. Exquisite artwork and one-of-a-kind architecture were commonplace.

The people were equally decorated — multi-lingual, aesthetically alluring attire, musically attuned, and incredibly generous with one another.

Nobody knows exactly what caused things to change there or precisely when it happened — it seemed to be a gradual process over the course of a few decades. Over these decades, arguments ensued, an overall level of community doubt crept in, and trust in each other was broken.

Interpersonal communication and pleasantries, such as smiling and giving a helping hand, disappeared. People no longer relied on each other for friendship. Instead, they turned to animals, monsters, and even robots for this companionship.

Gradually, everyone became unfamiliar. The downslide continued.

Years later, a cute little monster named Umi emerged from a long hibernation. Accustomed to more delightful times, when the civilization was nearly utopian, Umi awoke with much excitement, vigor, and curiosity. Umi was determined to learn as much as possible about all the new creatures on the planet, hear their stories, and forge many deep new friendships.

However, Umi soon realized the world was completely different from how they remembered it. For as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but desolation. Still set out on the main mission, Umi remained optimistic that the anticipated civilization would eventually be discovered by taking enough time to walk around and uncover all walks of the land.

This sanguinity faded a little bit more each day as Umi's hopes were left unmaterialized, leading to one definitive conclusion: there was nobody but Umi left on the entire planet.

Umi looked to the starry sky every night, sometimes pondering various ideas but, more often than not, thinking of nothing at all. New feelings rose up that were entirely new for Umi - could they be sadness? Umi now fully understood what it meant to be lonely.

Despite unwavering despair and desolation, Umi still yearned that their hopes and dreams would come to fruition. Shifting focus to the sky, Umi considered the potential of even more celestial wonders.

One day, while pondering the sky, Umi's eyes lit up in joy at their sightings. There seemed to be a perfectly habitable planet with vast deep blue oceans, an array of colorful flowers, white-capped mountains, and green grass. This was looking more and more like what Umi remembered the home planet being before their hibernation.

Umi had a new mission - travel to this newfound planet and make as many friends as possible. The excitement that Umi once was so fond of was now coming back. Umi knew that there were so many intriguing stories to be heard and interesting people to meet.

Upon arrival, Umi quickly became smitten with the multitude of captivating landscapes and the vitality of countless distinctive civilizations. However, Umi sensed that if everyone continued on the path they were heading, Earth would also become a desolate planet, just like the one they'd traveled so far to get away from.

With the undeniable ability to meld with so many different civilizations from all ends of Earth, Umi became a beacon for transcendence, splendor, and fusion. With Umi's help, perhaps Earth could get off the rocky course it seemed destined to be on. After all, from Umi's perspective, all human beings are one big family.

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