Parallel Universe and Wave Deflation

  • In the following situations in the game, tokens will enter a contract address called 'Parallel Universe'

    • UNT Tokens are consumed when upgrading

    • UNT Tokens are consumed when buying items in the shop

    • Some of the IMG Tokens are consumed when someone fails in Challenge Mode

    • Other subsequent tokens are consumed (determined by vote)

    • Active transfers between the development team and the foundation

  • UNT Tokens in the Parallel Universe will replace the original UNT ecosystem component output and assume the role of ecosystem component output when UNT’s ecosystem component is exhausted in a certain block

  • When the UNT tokens in the above-mentioned Parallel Universe are also exhausted,

    a new UNT ecosystem token pool will be created, and the amount will be 50% of the original ecosystem pool

  • Loop the above rules

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