GameFi has undertaken the monumental task of connecting Web2 users with Web3. However, its current developmental trajectory is limited by the efficiency of the public chain, equipment, and interactive experience development capabilities. It will take time to realize more complex data exchanges on the chain. Meanwhile, traditional gaming genres such as RPG, SLG, ACT, and FPS are flourishing. What type of games can bring even more Web2 users onboard the Web3 movement?

The key may very well be how easily and quickly they can not only get started but how they will continue to enjoy it. Matching games perfectly fit this bill. They are casual games that players of all ages around the world love.

Umi’s Friends is just that: a casual, relaxing, and fun matching game. Players can seamlessly earn rich rewards regardless of age, time, or location by building and collecting their own Umi (NFTs) and participating in multiple game modes.

However, the Umi casual game chain is not merely a single game but rather a public chain platform for casual games, retaking the path of web2. Umi will provide the user portrait given by the soul binding address, and subsequent developers will have a vast space in acquiring traffic and operating strategies, similar to sharing big data. Umi furnishes a suite of tools that provides comprehensive metaverse casual game development, publishing, testing, and security strategies.

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