Pink Umi (NFTs)

Completely separate from white, blue, purple, and orange Umi and can be thought of as a “demo” NFT. In concert with Umi Friend’s low threshold to entry, the Pink Umi enables beginners to play the game and unlock the possibility of earning if they continue playing and progress a certain amount. Other users can purchase an Umi to begin accessing the P2E aspect of the game immediately.

  • Metrics

    • Limited to just 10,000 Pink Umi

    • Freemint

    • Not Tradeable

    • Valid for just 20 days

  • Applications

    • Holders can receive game rewards normally, but the rewards are lower than for other Umi types (90%)

    • Gifts can be received from friends but not opened until converted into an official Umi

    • When upgraded to level 20, can be converted into an official Umi of random rarity by using “Umi’s Driver Device”

  • Requisition Rules

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